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Metrohm 665 Dosimat dispensing unit set

Artikelnummer 172-310

Basler Vision A504K Industrial camera

Artikelnummer 172-300

Mettler PM460 precision scale

Artikelnummer 172-290

Mettler SevenGo Pro Conductivity meter

Artikelnummer 172-280

HP 3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator 

Artikelnummer 172-270

Wavetek Dual channel Programmable filter 552

Artikelnummer 172-260

Fritsch Analysette 03.502 sieve shaker

Artikelnummer 172-250

Melag 85 Incubator

Artikelnummer 172-240

IKA KS125 Basic Orbital Shaker

Artikelnummer 172-230

J&K IKA peristaltic pump PA-M1

Artikelnummer 172-220

Hamamatsu CCD camera set C8000-10

Artikelnummer 172-210

IKA T25 digital ULTRA-TURRAX Disperser

Artikelnummer 172-200

Our trading company is specialized in buying and selling all kinds of industrial goods of which we have a huge number in stock. In our catalogue of used and new articles you will find, among other things, used industrial machines, used internal transport equipment, used warehouse goods, used laboratory equipment and used vacuum equipment.

We also have a large amount special measuring equipment, used electronic measuring equipment, granite measuring tables, used metal working machines and used glass working machinery. Both for the metal-, semi-conductor- and laboratory industry. Our stock is various, continuously renewed and interesting for both small and large companies. It is also interesting for the trade and industry business. We are the right place for you as business owner, private person or other end user if you are looking for used machines or industrial goods in the broadest sense of the word.

So, if you need a specific used metal working machine, wood working machine, measuring equipment, measuring-calibration apparatus, specific machine, other industrial system or used equipment related to the industrial business, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us in person. In our large warehouse of approx. 5000 square meters you will find for sure something that can be interesting for you.


  • Trustworthy Dutch trading partner
  • 5.000 m2 Industrial equipment
  • Constantly changing stock
  • All equipment and goods are sold ‘as is’

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