Buchi Rotavapor R-300 Rotation evaporator setup in box

Artikelnummer 173-980

Martin Christ Rotary Vacuum Concentrator 2-25

Artikelnummer 173-800

PMS Ultra DI Water Particle Counter

Artikelnummer 173-130

Coherent ThermoTek T255P Recirculating Chiller

Artikelnummer 172-970

Metrohm 665 Dosimat dispensing unit set

Artikelnummer 172-310

J&K IKA peristaltic pump PA-M1

Artikelnummer 172-220

Invitrogen HulaMixer

Artikelnummer 171-960

Haake waterbath K15 with DC5 heater/chiller

Artikelnummer 171-910

Brookfield EX100 waterbath with Heater/Chiller

Artikelnummer 171-080

Thermo Wellwash 4 MK2 Microplate washer

Artikelnummer 170-990

Stuart SB301 Magnetic stirrer

Artikelnummer 170-980

Julabo TW8 Water bath

Artikelnummer 169-300

In our range of laboratory equipment we offer also regularly articles related to liquids. Think here of cleaning sinks, washing machines, waste water testers, dosing pumps, circulation baths for cooling and heating of liquids. Are you looking for a special piece of equipment related to cleaning/ testing or analyzing liquids? Then please contact us.

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