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Industrial machines

Granite measuring table on pneumatic base

Artikelnummer 168-160

Atlas Copco CD3 Heatless Generating Air Dryer

Artikelnummer 167-660

Atlas Copco CD3 Heatless Generating Air Dryer

Artikelnummer 167-650

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt

Artikelnummer 167-630

Chatillon Force Push Pull Tension Gauge

Artikelnummer 167-520

Holz-Her 1205 Vertical Plate Saw

Artikelnummer 166-840

Granite Measuring table

Artikelnummer 166-830

AZO E650 Cyclone Screener

Artikelnummer 166-560

Sweco S30S Vibration Shaker – Separator – Screener

Artikelnummer 166-550

Torqueleader ADS 12 A Torque Wrench

Artikelnummer 166-410

Tul Kelch CNC Tool Storage Cabinets

Artikelnummer 166-360

Tul Kelch CNC Tool Storage Cabinets 

Artikelnummer 166-350
Industrial machines

Our trading company is specialized in buying and selling all kinds of used industrial goods of which we have a huge number in stock. In our catalogue of used and new articles you will find, among other things, used industrial machines. We can offer you e.g. used metal working machines such as grinding machines, milling machines, presses and lathes of well-known brands like Maho, Deckel, Schaublin. Aciera, Weiler and Jung. We also have supplies related to industrial machines such as granite measuring tables, mounting tools, synthetic injection moulding machines, glass working machines, instruments for measuring and control engineering and also vintage goods. You are looking for a used machine or other device? Then you have found the right place to look. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and maybe we can help you.

  • Reliable Dutch business partner
  • 5.000 m2 Industrial goods
  • Constantly changing stock
  • All goods sold ‘as is’

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