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Internal transport and storage

Stainless steel platform trolley 174x83x181

Artikelnummer 172-090

Crosby SS-125M Stainless steel swivel hoist-rings

Artikelnummer 171-800

Faes Flightcase (77,5×57,5x18cm)

Artikelnummer 171-550

Faes Flightcase (83,5×53,5×26,5cm)

Artikelnummer 171-540

Faes Flightcase-Transportcase

Artikelnummer 170-830

Coffing LHH Hand chain Hoist 500kg

Artikelnummer 170-680

Lighthouse transport case (80x52x40cm)

Artikelnummer 170-630

Lighthouse transport case (60x49x35cm)

Artikelnummer 170-620

Cleanroom LDPE cover foil

Artikelnummer 167-970

Industrial wooden transportcase/crate on pallet size 

Artikelnummer 167-750

Industrial wooden transportcase/crate on pallet size

Artikelnummer 167-740

Mobile Flightcase-Transportcase with pull handle

Artikelnummer 167-730
Internal transport and storage

We offer a broad range of internal transport and stockroom equipment for professional use. Our stock is numerous and constantly changing. Due to our independence on any brands we sell lifting carts, forklifts, stockroom carts and other equipment to move goods which fits your needs best. Beside such euqipment to move goods, we also offer a broad variety of packing materials. Are you looking for a specific forklift, lifting cart, stockroom cart of other material to move goods or packing materials? Them please contact us.

  • Trustworthy Dutch trading partner
  • 5.000 m2 Industrial equipment
  • Constantly changing stock
  • All equipment and goods are sold ‘as is’

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