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Laboratory equipment

Thermo Scientific SLA 1500 Rotor Super-Lite

Artikelnummer 166-930

DuPont Instruments Sorvall SS-34 Rotor

Artikelnummer 166-920

Tamson TC3 Circulation Water Bath

Artikelnummer 166-910

Julabo E-basis Heating Water bath

Artikelnummer 166-900

IsoTherm KGW Dewar Vessel

Artikelnummer 166-880

Lauda RM6 Refrigerated Waterbath

Artikelnummer 166-870

Herco Lab-Ion Water Demineralizer

Artikelnummer 166-850

Roschermatic NN80 Vacuum Tumbler-Vacuum Mixer

Artikelnummer 166-570

Stainless Steel Laboratory Water Boiler

Artikelnummer 166-540

Varian CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph

Artikelnummer 166-530

Gronfa GC 60 Colloid Mill

Artikelnummer 166-510

Vision Lynx Inspection Stereo Microscope

Artikelnummer 166-390
Laboratory equipment

We offer a broad range of laboratory equipment for professional use. Our stock is numerous and constantly changing. Our products are for example -but not limited to: analytic apparatus, temperature baths & controllers, ovens, microscopes. On the right you can see our broad range of laboratory equipment. Are you looking for specific analytical equipment? Or you need a different type of temperature controller or microscope? Then please contact us.

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