Voltcraft ALC 8500 Expert Oplader/charger

Artikelnummer 173-000

EGE Thermal mass flow meter/controller

Artikelnummer 172-990

Haskel air driven Gas Booster

Artikelnummer 172-980

InovaAir Environair E300 Air purifier

Artikelnummer 172-460

Basler Vision A504K Industrial camera

Artikelnummer 172-300

Hamamatsu CCD camera set C8000-10

Artikelnummer 172-210

Santint S5 Automatic shaker

Artikelnummer 172-150

Hoshizaki ice maker FM-120EE-50

Artikelnummer 172-130

Bishamon BX50WCE Mobile Lift Table

Artikelnummer 172-080

Hydro Vasli RVS Hydraulic Handpump

Artikelnummer 172-000

AFX dc power supply afx-9660SB

Artikelnummer 171-970

Danfoss frequency converter VLT Type 2010

Artikelnummer 171-940

We are specialized in trade of used industrial equipment in its broadest sense.Our stock is numerous and constantly changing. So frequently we have furniture, motors, pumps and workshop related articles for sale. Are you looking for a specific piece of furniture. or specific motors, pumps or workshop related articles? Or are you looking for a specific type of generator? Then, please so not hesitate to contact us.

  • Trustworthy Dutch trading partner
  • 5.000 m2 Industrial equipment
  • Constantly changing stock
  • All equipment and goods are sold ‘as is’

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