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Terms of delivery

It is not possible to place an order through our website.
You can place an order by phone, email, fax or by visiting us in person.

All indicated prices are excluding VAT.
We maintain a minimum invoice amount of EUR 50.00 excluding VAT.
It is not possible to pay with a cash card, credit or debit card or a cheque.
Payment in installments is not accepted except otherwise in writing agreed.

Goods are delivered ‘AS-IS’, without any specific or implicit warranty and only after receiving the full payment of the invoice.
The CE quality mark does not apply to delivered goods.
The term of payment is within 14 days after date of invoice.

For sales outside the Netherlands, but to a country within the EU (Intra-Community sale), a valid VAT number is required.
In case no valid VAT number is provided, the current VAT rate of 21% will be added to the invoice.
The EU VAT numbers will be validated by means of the EU/VIES database.

Important note: for invoicing to countries outside the EU, the current VAT rate of 21% will always be added to the invoice.
Any specific, additional terms of sale or conditions will be stated on the invoice.
Except otherwise agreed, all deliveries are always Ex-works (EXW Incoterms) our warehouse location in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
In case of export to a country outside the EU, the buyer is responsible for the necessary export and customs documents.
Goods need to be collected within 14 days after date of payment.

  • Trustworthy Dutch trading partner
  • 5.000 m2 Industrial equipment
  • Constantly changing stock
  • All equipment and goods are sold ‘as is’

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