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Vacuum pumps

Leybold Trivac S8B Vacuum Pump

Artikelnummer 164-950

Leybold Heraeus Turbovac 450 Vacuum Pump

Artikelnummer 164-280

Leybold D12A Oil Vacuum Pump

Artikelnummer 164-270

Becker SV 8.130/1-600 Regenerative Blower

Artikelnummer 164-250

Elmo Rietschle G-BH1 BH1430 Regenerative Blower

Artikelnummer 164-240

Rietschle VLT 40 (01) Dry Vacuum Pump

Artikelnummer 163-590

BOC Edwards IH 600 Dry Semiconductor Vacuum pump

Artikelnummer 163-370

BOC Edwards QDP80 Dry Semiconductor Vacuum Pump

Artikelnummer 163-360

BOC Edwards QDP40 Dry Vacuum pump

Artikelnummer 163-350

BOC Edwards IQDP80 Dry Semiconductor Vacuum pump

Artikelnummer 163-340

BOC Edwards IL 70 Semiconductor Dry Vacuum pump

Artikelnummer 163-330

Ebara150X40VERP6M Dry Vacuum (Booster) Pump

Artikelnummer 163-130
Vacuum pumps

With a vacuum pump vacuum can be generated. The working principle is the same as a compressor, but the working port is not the pressure side, but the suction side. We keep a very widespread stock in vacuum pumps with all kinds of pressure/volume ranges. We stock rotary vane pumps (dry and oil sealed), dry (scroll, membrane, roots) pumps, and turbomolecular pumps. All our low- and high vacuum pumps originate from known manufacturers as: Leybold, Oerlikon,Varian, Edwards, Busch, Rietschle, Pfeiffer, Siemens, Balzers and Becker. Are you looking for a specific vacuum pump? Then please contact us.

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